Comic Truth: Actions and consequences

Actions and consequences

In the new world we live in it appears the more villainous you are the more respected you get afterall everyone loves The Joker who ironically doesn’t share any sense of humour in his business with the Batman.

Evil thrives when the righteous keep quiet, unfortunately nowadays anyone who has a contrary opinion to public delight is automatically cancelled whether or not he is the only one with sense and logic, so long the reasoning of the multitude align with the trend if you are not on the bandwagon you don’t belong.

The cool crowd decides for everyone albeit irresponsible or thoughtless.

Now when evil swoons and sways and seems to have it’s way everything is okay until it is no longer child’s play. Game over and the next thing you hear is “It was the devil”. How?

We are a people who love to shift blames once we get caught in a bad act and once there is no physical aberration to point fingers at we go spiritual.

The devil is probably miles away elsewhere having a field day destroying someone’s home or business then feels an itch in his ear and voila he has been named as the major protagonist in a crime in kafanchan whilst he is in ogbomosa licking mango over his latest victory.

Mr evil deed insists it was the devil that made him rape the girl, commit the murder or steal the money, car, accessories etc and the devil watching all these accusations with spiritual Google is tongue tied and can’t defend himself because he is invisible to all eyes, and if he dares come out in human form by possessing a body would only make matters worse.

At this point even the devil looks up to God to defend his innocence.

How did we get to the point where negative human actions in the physical get blamed on a spiritual force?

When a people do not take the right steps and actions to protect and safeguard their community nefarious elements will take charge to devour and still blame the owners for leaving their doors unlocked.

Such is who we are now.

I think of a place of action and consequences. You do good, you get good. You do bad, you get bad. No delay in justice. No beating about the bush. Get the punishment of your actions perhaps it might deter corruption in Nigeria, or stop banditry, or armed robbery and kidnapping.

A kid that was never brought up in a place with the knowledge of Angels and devils but only knows the consequent action that follows good or bad deeds will most definitely live his life taking the blame anytime he falters.

Perhaps the courts should pass a law that gives automatic jail sentences to anyone who says ‘It was the devil’ anytime they get caught because really if you ask in a courtroom ‘Can Mr Satan, D. Evil aka Lucifer’ please step forward and explain to us how he convinced this man by whispering in his ear and subconscious to remove the side mirrors and brain box of all the Toyota’s parked in shomolu and Surulere, will anyone come forward?

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